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Blog > Why Music Helps with Language Learning

Why Music Helps with Language Learning

Dodane przez Tomasz H. 13 stycznia 2014 w kategorii: Język angielski, Język francuski, Język niemiecki, Porady językowe, Porady ogólne

Did you know that music has a positive effect on your brain? Apart of being a great entertainment and fun, music can help you learn languages. How? It's easy – music helps your brain to process new informations better and quicker! Let's see why music is such a great tool for language learners.


Your accent in a foreign language is probably better when you sing. So why it isn't so good when you speek? Because the rhythm of the music makes it easier! When you sing you articulate the words correct and thereby you learn the proper pronunciation. Try it!


I'm pretty sure you're able to sing refrains from few songs right now. Don't you? Yeah, I knew it!;) Ok, you remember the songs or refrains, because music is a great memory stimulator. What is more, you can listen to songs in the language which you are learning or you can even make your own text with foreign language vocabulary and then sing to your favorite melody. It really works!


Singing songs enrich your vocabulary. And what I have to add: with music you will learn new vocabulary much faster. New words, word combinantions. It's all in songs;)


Understanding what other people say is more complicated that it might appear. Different accents, speaking speed, loudness, intonation, stress patterns. Yeah, it's not easy. But when you listen to music, you will become more familiar with the foreign language.


Music is just fun! And you can take the music with you anywhere. Enjoy yourself by singing and improve your language (and mood)!

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